Attract the Right Clients for Your Creative Business

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Client Relationships, Creative Business

I want to attract the right clients!

Said every business owner ever. For years, I struggled to find ways to attract the right clients. In fact, I used to take on any clients. As long as you were human, we could work together. I had ZERO boundaries around the work I was willing to do. No wonder I was overworked and unfulfilled in my work as a designer!

Does this sound like you? Read on, my friend! I put these systems in place to attract the right clients and it has been life-changing for me and my creative business.

1. Be selective about the work you’re showing

More isn’t necessarily better. ONLY show the work that you want more of. If you’re a wedding photographer who loves shooting intimate outdoor wedding ceremonies try to not show indoor church weddings in your portfolio. It’s as simple as that!  Do you have to decline every couple who’s getting married in a church? No. The point is to highlight the work you prefer to do so you can attract more of that good stuff.

2. Be clear in your messaging

The clearer the better! What if I told you I was a web designer. Cool, right? Now, what if I told you I was a web designer that focused solely on building websites for outdoor, adventure lifestyle brands. The clearer you are in your messaging about who you want to work with AND what types of projects you prefer to take on as a (insert creative title) the better.

3. Screen inquiries (not TSA style…that’d be weird and probably illegal)

There is nothing wrong with screening a potential inquiry. If a client is not a good fit for you it means they’d be better served elsewhere (and they deserve to be better served!) Try adding a few fields to your inquiry form that will help you see any potential red flags that might come up down the road.

Example: A good friend of mine, who is a wedding photographer, gave me some insight into her screening process. She loves working with couples who are madly in love because they’re easy to work with and a dream to photograph. She added this question to her intake form to help her screening process; “Tell me about your love story. How did you two first meet?”. If an inquiring couple doesn’t take the time to answer this question she knows it’s a red flag and maybe not the best fit for her business.

4. Just be you

I tend to get really numb to the sterile copy I see on websites and social media. When I see people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and show that in their online presence it’s a breath of fresh air. They’re real human beings who I can relate to. The more REAL you can be, the better. Why? You’ll attract people that genuinely like you. You’re probably dodging a bullet anyway if a potential client is turned off by you or offended.

I try to attract the right clients by making sure my quirky sense of humor comes through in my emails, social media, website and in person. Afterall, I still laugh at farts as if I’m in 3rd grade.

Reserve your creative energy for the right clients.


Why is all of this important?

By putting all of this into practice, you’ll not only attract the right clients but you’ll reserve your creative energy for the right clients, avoid burnout, and leave less room for those problem clients to come into the picture.

I’m curious to hear how you have tried to attract the right clients (while avoiding the wrong ones!) Fill me in by leaving a comment below.


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